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Women's Therapy Center

When we first started working with Women's Therapy Center, a company that specializes in women's health issues, there was a bit of a crisis. Their Google listing had completely fallen off the charts. During the early 2000's they we're listed on the front page consistently, but during the mid 2010's they dropped page 1 all the way to page 15 for their main keyword. Naturally, our goal was to get them back up to page 1.

Heal & Fix

We immediately noticed that there were some critical issues, including duplicate content errors, bad links, JavaScript problems, and a complete lack of content optimization. Our work was cut out for us! We cleaned up the back-end of the site first before moving to the bad links, then improved the mobile experience and worked with the client on optimizing content. Over the following months their site went from the page 14 to the 5th position on page 1 (behind only Wikipedia and WebMD) for their topical keyword! Their increased visibility brought them from 4,000 sessions per month to 13,000. Mission accomplished!

Prompt, professional, and expert service for web design & SEO.  Always responsive to client's needs.  Having had experience with many other such professionals, Grue & Bleen is the go-to service!  - Ditza Katz, Founder of Women's Therapy Center

Getting lost in the Google search results is no fun. We've seen firsthand that it can mean a difference of 10,000 visitors per month. That's why an optimized site with a solid structure is so important for a modern business.

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