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Changing Digital Life

Therapy Changes Lives needed a fresh look. Something inspiring...something calming...something life changing? We took on the the task! With beautiful fall imagery and a rustic look and feel, we hoped to inspire beauty that would translate into inner-peacefulness.

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The Growth of a Brand

When it comes to therapy, a key element people tend to seek is positive change. What better imagery could we use than that of one of nature's most beautiful gifts, the changing seasons? Filled with an awe-inspiring and vibrant color palette, the season's change evokes an emotional response which can resonate with countless people on a universal level: change is good; growth is beautiful; and I can do it too.

To go along with the determination to speak with Dr. Phil, we wanted an easy way to do so. With a reworked funnel and simplified contact forms to get in touch at either of his offices, the site now does just that. In form and function, the site is now geared to help therapy change lives.

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Responsive Change

In building out the new look of the site, it was important to make sure that it lived up to its name and had the ability to change in its own right.

Much like the beautiful nature scenery, oftentimes you will find yourself outside. Dr. Phil wanted to make sure no one had any trouble when they made it to his site, no matter where they were! Maybe it's time to go take a walk :)

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Dr. Phil wanted to make sure it wasn't only his site that came off as presentable, but himself too! We took custom photographs of him to make sure that people knew the man behind the site.

Thorough, prompt and laid back! I was lucky enough to have a friend recommend the team at Grue & Bleen to update and jazz up my website. It has completely been revamped, I have much more traffic, and it is totally in line with my therapy focus of change and growth.

Beyond the professionalism is a comfort with coaching on the non-techy client. I am uber tech-challenged, but Jamey and Josh have patiently walked me through what I needed to do, and thankfully, handled the rest!

I am now working on SEO (didn't even know this meant greater visibility for your market), and excited to see the next steps in my working relationship with Grue & Bleen! You Guys Rock!!!

In the end, Therapy Changes Lives got a refreshed look that helped instill what Dr. Phil was looking for most: a feeling of calmness and readiness for change. The website was a good way to lead by example!

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