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A website offers an adaptable tool to showcase your company with all the latest information. One of the most frustrating things though, as Steve’s Club learned, is having difficulty, or even worse, the inability to make any changes on your own. Need to swap a picture or correct some spelling? Call the specialist! ...not fun. With consistent branding, a clear funnel, and deliberate streamlined information, Steve’s Club’s new website now also has a fully functional content management system to make updates with ease.

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Not only were they looking to control their system, but they wanted to create a much cleaner path to sign-ups, both on the club side and on the student side. This took a deep assessment on the different messaging per page and building a site that had two separate funnels: one for the consumer and one for the organization. With any site, strategy and funnel are key to providing a good user experience, and Steve's Club's website is a perfect example. Now, with a much clearer pathway, messaging is provided in a clear, organized way, so that users,  no matter who they are, can find what they are looking for.

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Steve's Club's previous site was not mobile friendly and was causing issue's with mobile users. With a proper responsive design, the Steve’s website now automatically adjusts to match the viewing platform on which it’s accessed, no matter what size, and now has a significant mobile funnel optimizing for contact. After years without it, they are pumped about the idea of getting more mobile interested users.

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When we first spoke with Steve’s Club, they made it abundantly clear that they wanted more control over their messaging, and that they wanted it to look the way they make their communities feel: stronger!

With a brand new content management system tailor made for them along with an updated style to match their new branding direction, they could finally do exactly that. Organization. Ease of updates. Blogging for content marketing. All with a modernized look that makes the website user’s life that much easier too.

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Steve's club now had full control over a functional website with an upgraded content management system. Producing new content makes theirs (and ours as their agency) much easier.

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