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The Ruba Club

Ruba Club is one of the most creative, fun and eclectic venues in Philadelphia, if not the entire east coast, with performances ranging from drag shows, to burlesque, to theatrical extravaganzas. They needed a website that was not only functional, (i.e. listing upcoming shows, making event booking easy,) but also one that represented their unique style.

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Come to the Cabaret

While some sites put more of an emphasis on functionality, Ruba's site's big differentiator needed to be its branding. We wanted to capture the colors of Ruba, but needed something beyond that to build a feeling. The best way to do that? Digitally build Ruba right into the design. We grabbed a shot of the large columns inside their cabaret and made a fully unique-to-Ruba artistic website, built around its real life interior decor.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Let's Go to the Club Down the Street

When people are walking around looking for a place to drink and have some fun, they are doing so on their phones. That's why it's incredibly important to have a site that is easy to navigate on mobile and portrays information quickly and easily: so that they can attract customers in the neighborhood.

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Ruba's vision is to provide an inclusive venue for the Philadelphia underground artist community. They hope to be an inspiration for the scene by providing an offbeat, accepting vibe with a distinct style. That style needed to be included in the site and we happily integrated it.

Home Page BEFORE

Home Page AFTER

Ruba Club is much more than the neighborhood bar and now they have a website to show that off. With an image-oriented content-producing machine, Ruba's new site portrays the charm and the artistic vision of the venue.

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