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Tagging and Analytics

The Art of Data

Philadelphia Museum of Art is in the process of building a new website, so naturally their User Experience team wanted to gain insight into how current visitors are navigating their website. What elements are the most often used? What pages are the most visited? What content is the most engaging. Their analytics implementation was less than ideal in determining these key questions.

Gettin' Taggy Wit It

With the help of a custom analytics audit and implementation, G&B was able to help PMA trust their data and answer key questions that are useful for the next stage in building their business site. Not only did we help them answer the questions above, but we helped them trust their data more than ever before by ensuring that all of the site tags were set up properly. PMA now can make key website decisions, build a useful and engaging new site and sleep a little easier knowing that their data can be trusted.

Philadelphia Museum of Art is one of the most visually engaging establishments in of the world; their website should reflect that...and now the have the data to help them achieve it.

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