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New Life Furniture Systems is a fantastic furniture repair shop in Delaware. When we started working with NLFS, they had a website using a template that looked almost identical to their competitors. Without a way to stand out, NLFS needed a design overhaul. G&B built them a website that looks and feels branded, and truly has a unique and modern flair, primed and ready for mobile use and set up for strong SEO.

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Assessing the Situation

One thing that immediately stood out to us in the old web page was the difficulty for a user to easily contact NLFS, and for NLFS to even know that there could have been any interest at all if there was no contact. It had nice information, but ultimately, a business website should be able to prove that it is helping build the business. The first step was to create a funnel that guided the user, rather than leaving them to wander about, to find what they were looking for.

That funnel, ultimately, should lead to a trackable way to get in touch. Separate calls to action. Multiple entry points so the user can see what they want, and immediately have a place to ask about it without having to go searching again. With sensible links, useful information, and an easy, on-site form to get in contact, NLFS is now set up to see just how effective their website is as a lead generator.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Beauty in the palm of your hand.

With a proper responsive design, the NLFS website now automatically adjusts to match the viewing platform on which it’s accessed, no matter what size. It also has a significant mobile funnel optimizing for calls. Over time, we've seen a great increase in mobile conversions. Yay.

Nowadays, website traffic isn’t limited to the office, and many people prefer to access the internet on the go. One of the most frustrating things a user can come across though is a non-mobile-optimized site. You’ve probably seen them, those that look exactly like the desktop website and constantly force you to zoom in, scroll over, zoom out, and then when you accidentally click the wrong page from a drop down (such teeny buttons!), you start to wonder whether it would be more fun to pull your own hair out before you leave and never come back. Not pleasant! With the proper responsive design, the NLFS website automatically adjusts to match the viewing platform on which it’s accessed, no matter what size. So long frustrated users!

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When we first spoke with NLFS, we could tell right away that this was a company which had a lot to offer, but no clear cut way to stand out after their previous designer gave them the cookie cutter treatment. They needed a reimagination, a rebirth...a new life! The inspiration was clear to us immediately: trees receive new life as beautiful furniture when they pass through NLFS’s door. This idea led to the design of their new logo, which supported the new and more-alive color scheme of earthy browns and forest greens. Once we had the color schemes and overall feel of the company, we could flesh it out to design the new home page.

Home Page BEFORE

Home Page AFTER

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The transformation was complete, a fully functional website with a nice and clean funnel and design. We highlighted the beauty of his work and paired it with the complexity and authenticity of the craft.

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With a refreshed design, built in search engine optimization metadata, and an analytics integration prepped to keep tabs on the site’s activity, NLFS has the full package: helping users find them, making it easy for users to find what they’re looking for, and tracking effectiveness of their website when it comes to generating interest and business. We’re very proud of how we’ve been able to work with NLFS and we know their business is primed for an injection of new life!

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