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Painting a Picture

Lyanne Malamed is a masterful painter who has centered her work around the portrayal of elderly women. Through her beautiful paintings explore the eloquence, skill, and wisdom of elderly women.  She calls attention to the fact that elderly women are frequently alone and that they should not be ignored in society. Lyanne paints them as they are; valuable assets to the community.

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a blank canvas

In 2012, Lyanne released "Eternal Woman" through Flying Bird Press. Eternal Woman features hundreds of Lyanne's works since she started her professional career as an artist in 1956. Her old website featured just the book cover, a few of the paintings, and a link to amazon for book purchases. Lyanne sent us the book prior to starting and we were blown away by how beautiful the book was. The paintings and drawings were mesmerizing and we wanted to create something that could showcase digitally what she was able to do on canvas.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Mobile Responsive Design

We were working with only a handful of pages in our sitemap that we knew would visually pair together seamlessly.
We decided to make it a single page, long scroll site with anchor links that jump to each section.
 As users scroll down they can view select works in a slick full screen pop up lightbox gallery. We also added some subtle hover and fade animation as well as Lyanne's signature that starts painting as you scroll to her section. 

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Our new design showcased one of Lyanne's most popular paintings as the first thing you see on the site. We extended the image to full width by replicating the detailed brush strokes as a border. Following the site's primary goal, we strategically placed call to actions to draw people to the amazon page and to make a purchase. We also created a 3d rendering of the book to coincide with the final call to action.

Home Page BEFORE

Home Page AFTER

We reimagined Lyanne's site as an extension of her. More than just creating a new design to show paintings, we wanted to create an experience that represented Lyanne's style. 

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