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Animations Help Explain

When a company has a new exciting idea, how can they clearly and effectively convey their value to an audience in an engaging way? One proven successful method is to provide a video that captures the attention of potential users and clients. An explainer video not only engages the audience through exciting visuals, music and voiceover, but also has the ability to walk them through the problem, provide a solution, and instruct how to use the new platform.

In Home Adventure is a new company designed to provide people with on-demand educational classes in the comfort of their own homes. In order to clearly and concisely bring people's attention to this innovative idea, In Home Adventure decided the best way to do this was to create a fun, animated video. Don't just take our word for how awesome this service is, check it out here in this short video:

A Great Asset for a Website

This explainer video provides something to push out to an audience in many different ways to lead them back to the main website where client on-boarding can occur. Explainer videos are becoming more and more prevalent as a method of increasing conversion rates due to their universal appeal and understanding of people's short attention spans. In addition to that, they can serve as a replacement to your need to constantly pitch your business idea. "What does your company do?" someone may ask. "Just watch this video!"

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