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GoodFellas Construction

GoodFellas Construction has a great remodeling home service with an excellent reputation, but their website just wasn't optimized for success. They needed a nice clear way to attract customers for their different types of services. Whether it was bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, or new room additions, they needed a nice visual display of their work. They decided the template feel of their old site just didn't have the visual finesse of their in-home remodeling work. What they needed was art.

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Website Remodeling

With a custom website, GFC was finally able to create a visual representation of their own craft, but now in digital form. With large images, clear pathways, and digital interior decorating, we created an experience for users to wow and encourage them to choose GoodFellas Construction as their home remodelers.

Beyond brand impressiveness, we made sure to focus on client contact and lead generation. While it was nearly impossible to track where leads were coming from on the old site, we made sure to integrate strategic form placement, analytics tagging, and click-to-call buttons to encourage ease of contact and ideal tracking capability.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Local Services need Strong Mobile UX

Most people, when searching for remodeling services, do so on their phones. Local service providers such as GoodFellas Construction need a strong mobile experience along with powerful local SEO to be found and convert new customers. With the redesigned site, they are able to easily be found in their service areas from mobile devices, and can convert new business through the mobile-designed funnel.

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What's a custom site without some bells and whistles? We wanted to make sure that the GoodFellas team had every available opportunity to convert new business and track the effectiveness of their campaigns. This led us to suggest a few different integrations: call tracking, live chat integration, and web-to-Salesforce integration.

Building out additional functionalities created a much better sense of ROI, easier client management, and the ability to have people ask questions quickly. These integrations not only helped the overall quality of lead to client attribution, but also the day-to-day operations of the business.

Home Page BEFORE

Home Page AFTER

GoodFellas Construction has a fresh-modern feel with the ability to convert more leads. They can now truly display their craft through their digital presence.

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