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Bobby has been a photographer in Las Vegas for a long time, and the quality of his work has always been top notch. He thought it was time that the same could be said of its digital home, so he decided to rebrand as something that really spoke to the way he likes to work with his clients: whenever and wherever they want. When he switched over to Go Media, he had the perfect opportunity to give his website the refresh treatment he so badly wanted which would bring his message home.

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Reconstructing the Reel

In the previous version of the website, there was a big focus on an area that wasn’t exactly where Go Media had set their long-term sights. While the imagery was beautiful, it was geared more towards the consumer crowd than the business crowd, which is ultimately where their business wanted to head. With a firmly set direction and a boatload of photographic content to go with it, all that was left was to add some new text content to address the on-demand, business nature of services and to reskin it with a branded style that fit their new logo.

After going through a reorganization exercise with Bobby, we found the means to display all of Go Media’s work according to the separate focus areas in a clean format. Where there were no gallery pages before, site users can now get a good sense of the portfolio of work at a glance, whether photography or videography, and also see it in all its HQ glory. The digital album was complete! Now all that’s left is to keep satisfying clients.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

All About That Swipe

To truly cater to the on-demand crowd, the site needs to be seen and used on demand, and that often means when the only computer around for miles is in your pocket.

With a fully responsive site that makes navigating image galleries a breeze, Go Media is set up to put their metaphorical money where their mouth is no matter what, where, how, or when. That earns a right-swipe for sure!

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In the end, Go Media successfully set themselves up to take on new clients in the business space, and to make it easy for them to get in touch whenever they want, on demand. 

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