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Generation 3 Electric & HVAC is a high quality home service vendor in Philadelphia, specializing in the areas of their namesake, with aims to build out their offerings to other home services. This increased scope of offerings warranted a name change, and with it, the opportunity for a brand refresh as Gen 3 Home Experts. It didn't stop there though, because a brand refresh meant a new site, which allowed for a tech upgrade. In switching out the template site they had for a fully customized platform that automatically segmented users within their Customer Relationship Management tool, they added support to their administrative and marketing functions.

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Some Digital Home Rewiring

Sure, the new website look is great and all, but what's probably a bit cooler are the new ways the folks at Gen 3 can gain value from their site with the added technical functionality and organization. Some of the highlighted features include a new zip code checker, CRM form integration, and user-friendly service database.

With a zip code checker, users can quickly and simply verify if they are within a serviceable area. This opt-out capability not only saves some time and reduces frustration for users, but also ensures more leads are qualified and gives Gen 3 valuable information about where people are located for all their expansion/marketing needs.

Home services companies live and die by their CRM. Between reviewing historical data of existing clients to scheduling jobs for new ones, it's pretty important that everything is input correctly. Our CRM integration ensures that all data captured on the website makes it safely into their system while saving time on data entry.

On the previous site, finding information as a user on a particular home issue was challenging, with pages accessible only through links that could be found by navigating through the right pages. With the newly organized system, users can more easily identify their issues and understand their course of action with an intuitive filterable database. From there, we made it super simple to schedule an appointment. Easy peazy!

I had a vision of having a luxury real estate website and they not only provided this, but they exceeded my dreams. I have clients and coworkers comment and say "wow, that's an amazing website you have". Even with my own degree in design, the work their team can produce is on a completely other level. - Claire Susick

In the end, Gen 3 got a new look for their website that not only made their lives easier from an administrative perspective, but also helped out their users. Their new digital home is now ready to help service yours! 

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