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Web Design

After being in business for more than 20 years, FMC felt the time was right to change the look of their website. Switching from a text heavy site with sprawling pages to a sleek, image-centric site that was optimized for mobile use showed that FMC was ready to embrace the needs of their users, who are using their phones more and more to find and register for training classes.

New Life Furniture Systems Desktop Photo

One thing that immediately stood out to us in the old web page was the text-heavy presentation that might have been a bit overwhelming for site users. All of the information was there, but it was a bit of a challenge for users to find out where exactly those things they wanted were hiding. The first step was to streamline the presentation into a more visual experience with a new condensed funnel that allowed for ease of access to any desired training course or to learn about other benefits. Once users find out where they need to go, FMC’s classes practically sell themselves!

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Nowadays, website traffic isn’t limited to the office, and many people prefer to access the internet on the go. One of the most frustrating things a user can come across though is a non-mobile-optimized site. You’ve probably seen them, those that look exactly like the desktop website and constantly force you to zoom in, scroll over, zoom out, and then when you accidentally click the wrong page from a drop down (such teeny buttons!), you start to wonder whether it would be more fun to pull your own hair out before you leave and never come back. Not pleasant! With the proper responsive design, the FMC website automatically adjusts to match the viewing platform on which it’s accessed, no matter what size. So long frustrated users!

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Having experience with much of the software for which FMC provides courses, we know firsthand about the value they can bring with their trainings. It’s all just a matter of helping people find them. They needed to take a step away from the outdated design and help people sort through all the available offerings in as simple a way as possible. The path forward was clear to us immediately: so long to the open ended browse, and hello to directed search! This idea led to the simple interface that you see when you first arrive so there is no confusion about how you can find exactly what you need.

Home Page BEFORE

New Life Furniture Systems Before

Home Page AFTER

New Life Furniture Systems After

The transformation was complete; a visually engaging website with an updated, user-friendly funnel. With the primary destination now highlighted front-and-center through a new search tool, FMC just made course signups that much easier!

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With a refreshed, minimalist design which has been optimized mobile use, everyone can easily find exactly what they are looking for, no matter what the platform on which they look. Twenty years, worth the wait!