Services Provided:
Analytics, Tagging

Flying Nightbear Games

FNB Games is a strategy game company that creates unique role playing games. They were interested in learning more about their users, including who searches for them, where are they coming from, and what content they are most interested in. This was a job for Google Analytics.

Data Strategy

With the help of custom dashboards and restructured site permalinks, we created quick references to what content is the most visited and who is visiting it the most. Beyond that, we helped FNB create offsite marketing links for specific events so they could take their digital analytics to different trade show events. This allowed them to easily reference which events are bringing in the most business through their Google Analytics setup.

Digital Analytics can bring valuable insight into how people are utilizing your content. With the help of some web development and a custom dashboard, FNB was able to find the data they were looking for.

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