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Not All Facelifts Are Medical

Feedtrail has been in the medical survey game for a while when they decided it was time to sit on the other side of the table and listen to feedback about their own website. The diagnosis was clear to them: they needed a new look that could better portray who they actually are: credible, sophisticated, modern professionals.

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A Prescription for Change

There were 3 key items that were important for Feedtrail: modifying the style to improve first impressions; streamlining the messaging to more clearly communicate their offerings; and ensuring that the website was built with an eye for expansion down the road. Building a custom Content Management System certainly helped with that last point.

Along with the technological base, to evolve the look and feel of the front end we created interesting visuals using animations, video walkthroughs, and scroll magic that made the website feel alive, interacting with the user. All these frills sat on top of a clean and consistent new style that felt most at home in the medical world. A successful digital surgery!

I had a vision of having a luxury real estate website and they not only provided this, but they exceeded my dreams. I have clients and coworkers comment and say "wow, that's an amazing website you have". Even with my own degree in design, the work their team can produce is on a completely other level. - Claire Susick

In the end, Feedtrail got a new look that they felt showed their true colors. As it turns out, surveying for feedback and to initiate change works in more than just their platform! 

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