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Claire Susick was looking to build upon her real estate business and make a name for herself that was separate from her brokerages. When we started working with Claire, she had a website using a template that was provided through her partnerships, without a way to stand out. She needed a design overhaul. She needed something that was able to highlight the specialization she wanted to feature as part of her long-term strategy, laying the foundation for her future.

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Coding for Elegance

One thing that was incredibly important to Claire was for her to develop a brand. One that people would associate with the high-quality homes she aims to sell. Our first step in the process was to create a style that resonated, was elegant, and showed a level of class that could match her warm personality. With guidance on color schemes and specific design elements that were featured in her logo, we extended the sophisticated look to the layout of the site’s pages. Working back and forth directly with Claire, we found the charm and messaging that spoke the way only her voice could to build her new brand of luxury.

That funnel, ultimately, should lead to a trackable way to get in touch. Separate calls to action. Multiple entry points so the user can see what they want, and immediately have a place to ask about it without having to go searching again. With sensible links, useful information, and an easy, on-site form to get in contact, NLFS is now set up to see just how effective their website is as a lead generator.

I had a vision of having a luxury real estate website and they not only provided this, but they exceeded my dreams. I have clients and coworkers comment and say "wow, that's an amazing website you have". Even with my own degree in design, the work their team can produce is on a completely other level. - Claire Susick

In the end, Claire gained a new personal website with a branded design that highlighted her niche market focus. She found her home and can now help you find yours! 

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