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Emet Comics

Emet Comics is a comic book company devoted to empowering female writers and creators. They have a distinct, fun style with a creative & artistic brand; they needed a creative website to reflect that while also being a functional store for consumers to buy their brilliant comics. 

Emet Comics Desktop Design

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When we first met Emet Comics, they were just starting to develop their brand. We had the honor and opportunity to help them build their image, website, and marketing from scratch. For a brand new company, there are obstacles that some older companies just don't face, including how to build brand trust from nothing. Luckily, in the age of digital marketing you can more easily find and reach people who are interested in your product. Using Facebook marketing, strategic web design, and creative strategy, we built up the brand alongside the super creative Emet team, finding comic aficionados all over the country to support them.

Within a year, we were able to help the company raise over $50,000 in revenue through Kickstarter campaigns and create a community of comic book enthusiasts. Their search presence also has been helpful in finding new readers, as they found their way to the first page of Google for the longtail keyword "Comic Books by Women."

I started my company two years ago, and in a moment of great need, was introduced to Grue & Bleen. They quickly rolled up their sleeves and helped me boost my online presence and strategically build my newsletter, social media following, and Google ranking. They really act like they are your partners in every way. - Maytal Gilboa Founder & CEO

We love working with startups to create something out of nothing. When you start at the very beginning, it's so satisfying to watch everything grow.

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