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Elico Assoulini

Elico Assoulini is a luxury watch company with stylish and sleek watches. Their old website, however, did not match! It was not mobile-responsive, it was clunky, and didn't exactly have the "sexy, luxurious feel." They needed a friendly, functional, and most importantly, visual site to show off their beautiful collection.

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When building an e-commerce platform it's easy to lose sight of style as you focus on displaying products in your store. It's important to keep that good sense of brand development and user experience though so that you provide the necessary information from first impression all the way to a sale. Too many products displayed will make the site look salesy, while not enough will make the inventory look dismal.

We strived to create an experience that brought out the beauty of Elico Assoulini's watches while being an optimally-designed digital storefront. Just because a site is a store, doesn't mean it has to lose its style. Give it some class! We think we did.

Elico Assoulini has a fine lineup of luxury watches, and now they have a clean digital window to display them in.

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