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Grue & Bleen is offering an exclusive SXSW advanced Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager analysis & implementation package.


Tagging/Analytics Audit

To understand your data better, you must first consider what’s already implemented. We’ll take a comprehensive look into your existing tagging and analytics setup to give insight into both the good and the bad.

Learn what you’re sending into analytics as well as what you’re not (but should be) to see if it really supports your needs.

Initial GA/GTM Clean

There’s a lot of data to be captured, which makes it important to clean it up so you can understand it better. Between spam and poor organization, there’s plenty of room for confusion!

Clean data paves the way to understanding both user engagement and marketing effectiveness for your entire website.

1 Hour Tagging Consultation

Get a 1-on-1 consultation of how to use your website to support your business goals, ensuring you are tracking everything you need to make the best decisions.

Get a jump start on how to track key steps in the sales funnel and learn best practices for moving forward with your GTM/GA accounts.

Get The Most Out of Your Website Data
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