Website/App Design

Website/App Design

The modern world is a digital paradise filled with incredible opportunities to reach millions of customers interested in your product or service. Staying relevant, connected, and ready to impress is important. A stunning website or a powerful app are key to not only surviving the digital age, but thriving in it.

We, at Grue & Bleen, believe in fusing creativity with data. We’ll build you a site or app that will support your needs, engage your customer, and outshine your competition. Whatever your product, we are here to showcase it in your own personalized digital home.

Web Design

Your website is your identity. It’s your store, your brand, and your voice. You need something that not only represents your brand, but also funnels customers through your site to your end goal, whether that is a call, email, or purchase.

Grue & Bleen will build you a site that is not only beautiful, but also serves a greater purpose. We concentrate on creating powerful website experiences that include strong pathways to your desired outcome. Strategy, functionality, data, and beauty, all together in one place, working their hardest for you.

App Development

Maybe you have the next great idea to disrupt an industry, or maybe you just want to stay connected to your customers 24/7. To make this a reality, you’ll want to ingrain your brand into someone’s everyday life. With a custom mobile app, the sky’s the limit.

People use their phones constantly throughout the day, and your digital stamp could be at the forefront of their activity. Grue & Bleen can help you create a custom iPhone or Android app that engages your customers in ways a website can’t, keeping them coming back again and again.

landing Pages

Landing Pages are designed to do one thing: convert interested leads into paying customers. Ensure your advertising efforts are sending the right message to potential customers with a landing page that builds brand trust, maintains user focus, and creates a sense of urgency to act today.

Grue & Bleen can build landing pages for any event, ad campaign, product launch, or promotion. Don't distract people from your core messaging by sending them to a page without a clear focus; keep it simple and build a landing page.

Content Management System

Let’s say you hired an awesome web design company, and they built you a website. You give the thumbs up and they put it live on the web. A few months later, you have a new product and you want to add it to the website. Ummm...How do you do that? Normally you’d have to contact the company and pay an additional fee every time you want to make a minor update.

Yeah, we don’t do business like that. We create fully functional Content Management Systems so that you maintain control your own website. If you have a new product, need to update text, or want to write a blog, we can build you the tools to do it without having to know any coding

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