Web/Mobile Marketing

If you build it, will they come? The answer is no—not without marketing. A website that looks and works great with no visitors still doesn’t make you any money. From PPC, to SEO, to Social, to email automation—you don’t even need to know what any of those terms mean to know that we use these data-driven strategies to funnel leads through your site. That’s expertise that you can take straight to the bank.
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Search Engine Optimization

Let the power of Google bring customers straight to your door. 90% of search engine users choose something on the first page of their Google results, and 60% of those users then pick one of the links that they can see without scrolling down. This means that if you aren’t one of the first few results, you won’t get found, period.

Grue & Bleen optimizes websites to ensure maximum exposure using the power of keywords, meta-titles, descriptions, backlinks, and more to beat out your competition. Otherwise, your site gathers cobwebs while your advertising dollars go to waste.

Can you imagine putting up a billboard, and only paying for the people who actually looked up at it from the highway? With pay-per-click advertising, you display ads directly to the people most likely to be interested in what you have to offer, and only pay for those who actually click on them. 

You know those ads that show up after you leave a website and follow you around until you buy a product? That’s pay-per-click. Those YouTube ads that play before your video? That’s pay- per-click, too. And those ads that show up all around the news articles you read? Yep, pay-per-click.

Grue & Bleen can focus, optimize and create those campaigns for you so that you can invest your advertising dollars with complete confidence knowing that your message is making it to the right people, and only the right people..

Social Media

You want your customers to feel like they know you. That’s why social media is a big, big deal. Social platforms are open forums where you and your consumers can get to know each other better. It’s a place to share content, build your brand’s personality, and ultimately, stay relevant for very little cost. When customers have a problem or want to know what you’re all about, they often go to Twitter or Facebook first. If you’re not there, you don’t exist as far as they’re concerned.

Grue & Bleen has the expertise to know what to post on social media, when and where to post it, and how to keep your audience entertained while driving them to take action on your website—whether that’s as simple as joining a mailing list or making a purchase.

Email Marketing

 Many people check their email on their phone before they even get out of bed or speak to their spouses in the morning. That’s some serious marketing power. Compelling emails not only keep you connected to your customers after they’ve made a first purchase, but they can even be engineered to usher your leads along to the next buying stage based on what actions they’ve already taken on your website.

Imagine this: a potential customer downloads a coupon from your site, but doesn’t buy. You can set up an automated email to remind them in a few days before it expires, and close the sale without lifting a finger. That’s marketing in your sleep.

Email automation is a psychologically targeted approach that increases action on your website. We combine email automation with trackable links, so that you always know who is reading your emails, what they do after they click on a link, and if they’ve done what you wanted them to do.

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