Web Design

Your website is your identity, your store, your brand, your funnel, and your voice –and it’s competing with videos of cute cats playing the piano. We’ll help you keep your customers focused long enough to buy.
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Responsive Web Design

Mobile usage has grown exponentially over the past five years, and 4 out of 5 consumers now use smartphones to shop online. If your website doesn’t look good and work on people’s phones, you’re losing a whole lot of attention. Responsive websites that work on phones not only places you higher in Google rankings, they make or break the user experience that determines whether your customer stays on your site or goes back to playing Candy Crush. If your site blows the first impression on a potential customer’s smartphone, they almost never come back to check it out on their desktop. We not only build responsive websites that look awesome and outperform on smartphones, we optimize the user experience on each platform.

Enhanced User Experience

A good website isn’t just text and images on a background, it’s alive. It gives visitors a way to interact by adding comments or filling in forms to get more information instantly. It changes to show each user what they’re looking for. If a user reads every piece of text on your site, they just might remember you, and they might take the next step when it’s time to buy. But if a visitor to your site clicks around, interacts with its features, and engages with your content, they are a far more likely to spend more time there and remember your company. User experience and interactivity on a website can often make the difference between a visitor and a customer.

Grue & Bleen starts by understanding your goals to customize and create a fully optimized user path, engaging them every step of the way. Not only does this improve your bottom line with each existing visitor, but it tells Google that your page is important and brings more new users in. That’s a win-win, and double the bang for your advertising buck.

Branded Look & Feel

 Your website is your home, and your social media listings are all time shares. Your logo exists on Facebook’s blue and white identity, and your tweets are all superimposed on Twitter’s interface. But with your website, you do you. You get the opportunity to create a world that is unique and distinct.

Grue & Bleen can build your brand and transforms it into a fully functional website. We not only help you find your voice, but we create a story for your company so that your underlying message shines through in a compelling way. People aren’t loyal to logos and brands--they feel a connection to stories. That’s why your branding is so much more than a list of colors and a collection of taglines. Grue & Bleen will build you an identity that your customers can feel good about doing business with.

Content Management Systems

 Let’s say you hired an awesome web design company, and they built you a kickin’ website. It has a million features, and it looks pretty sweet, so you give the thumbs up and they put it live on the web. A few months later, you have a new product or you’ve changed your phone number, and you want to add it to the website. Ummm...How do you do that? Didn’t anyone write down that designer’s number?? Now you have to contact the company and pay an additional fee every time you want to make a minor update.

Yeah, we don’t do business like that. We create fully functional Content Management Systems, so that you control your own website. If you have a new product, need to update some text, or want to write a blog post, you can build you the tools to do it without having to know how to code.

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