Media Production

Media Production Overview

Content, Content, Content! Yes, we just said content three times. Why? Because it’s that important! There is a common expression that “Content is King,” and the reason is that it’s the dominant driver of the internet. Videos, images, songs, animations are all branding techniques that make your company stand out above the competition.

Whether it’s a brilliant commercial that makes the world smile, an explainer video that provides insight into your hot new product, or a picture that gives your customers the feels, Grue & Bleen can build media content that provide stories where text falls short.

Video Production

A picture tells a thousand words, so naturally a moving picture tells a million words. Transport your audience into your world with a custom made video. Whether you are looking for a commercial, a promo, or even a background video for your site, Grue & Bleen can help you take your vision from concept to reality.

From scripting, to storyboarding to shooting to editing, we focus on creating a video that is a unique representation of you. Communicate your message with a video to compliment your message, brand and style.


Capture the power of any moment with stunning photos. Vast, scrolling pages of text alone are no longer effective for marketing; you need visuals. Whether you are posting for social, putting out a blog, or populating a website, high quality pictures that provide clear focus are needed to capture attention.

Our teams of designers don't just have an eye for digital design, they can capture your business' story with exceptional photography. Bring more power to your copy and enhance your brand with images.


Do you have an amazing company or idea that you are looking to convey in a concise, fun, and informative way? Animated videos can turn a difficult-to-understand idea into a simple, creative, timeless story; one that leaves lasting impressions for your customers and generates buzz with its innovative styling.

From concept to scripting to creation, be a part of every step in the process as we transform your idea into a fully animated explainer video. Bring new life into your idea with an animation that can allow for infinite customization.

Virtual reality

VR Allows you and your brand to engage with customers like never before. Whether you’re a real estate agent remotely showing customers the inside of a home or a construction company showing off a new room before it’s built, VR allows you to transport customers directly into your digital world and experience things in brand new ways.

VR is a revolutionary new digital service that is set to change the course of advertising. You can be at the forefront of technology by creating a personalized experience for your users. Grue & Bleen will help you use this unique tool to better your brand and your customer experience.

Audio/Music Production

Sure, everyone laughs when they think of jingles, but there is a reason why so many companies them or use strategic music in creating audio content for radio spots: because they work. Bring some creativity to your marketing with custom music/audio production.

Whether you want to create the next earworm that gets stuck in your customers’ heads for days or produce a high quality radio commercial, Grue & Bleen can help you out. Our creative team is not limited only to the visual, but also has a strong musical background. Let’s make some music together!

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