Event Marketing

Event Marketing Overview

Event marketing has to be treated differently than standard business marketing. They are usually time-sensitive, need a fast return, and generally speaking, are quite chaotic. Grue & Bleen will help you organize your event marketing and manage the full process so you can rest assured that it will be successful.

Whether you need a custom event landing page, help getting the word out, or tracking the effectiveness of your campaign, we can help. Focus on making your event awesome, and let us worry about the rest.

EventBrite Optimization

Building your event page on Eventbrite? It’s a great resource for any event, but know that you are now competing with thousands of other people also building their event page on Eventbrite. Because of this, it’s important to optimize your page so that it shows up higher in the listings and in organic search.

Grue & Bleen can help you configure your Eventbrite page, integrate it with your email system & social, and even embed the listing on your site for greater reach. We perform optimization tactics to help it stand out from the crowd and maximize your success.

Social Media Marketing

Are you reaching the right audience for your event? One of the preferred places to advertise with thousands of people is on social media, where you can natively advertise your event to those who would be most interested in attending. It’s important to know that it can be a waste of money though if you don’t set it up effectively.

Grue & Bleen can help you strategize who that prime target is and refine your messaging so you reach the maximum amount of people to build interest in your event. Build your social following with proper marketing technique and get them to buy tickets.

Event landing Pages

Every event needs digital branding but, often, cost and time does not allow for an entire website to be built for each individual event. Landing pages are cost effective solutions for event marketing.

Grue & Bleen can help you build a unique page which has all of the information for your event with the ability to sell tickets, and also make sure that it is mobile optimized and shares impeccably on social media. Bring some style to your event with a marketing-ready landing page.

Event Analytics

If you are running an event, you want to understand which sources are generating the most ticket sales. That way you can concentrate your advertising campaigns on those methods and stop spending money on the avenues that aren’t turning into sales.

At Grue & Bleen, we help you understand where your money is best spent. We’ll take your advertising and tie it all into one large data pool, showing you which demographics, areas, and methods are leading to ticket sales. With all of this useful information, you can make quick marketing decisions and maximize ROI.

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