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Digital Marketing Overview

If you build it, will they come? The answer is no—not without marketing. A website that looks and works great with no visitors doesn't really serve much of a purpose. On the opposite end, a website with uninterested visitors can leave you in the same boat.

From PPC, to SEO, to Social, to Retargeting—there are so many options available that it can make digital marketing feel a bit overwhelming. We help you determine which methods are right for you, optimize your campaigns, and provide concrete ROI data so you can reach thousands of potential customers and know that your money is well spent.

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Search Engine Optimization

Let the power of Google bring customers straight to your digital door. 90% of search engine users choose something on the first page of their Google results, and 60% of those users then pick one of the links that they can see without scrolling down. This means that if you aren’t one of the first few results, you won’t get found, period.

Grue & Bleen optimizes for search engines to ensure maximum exposure. We use both onsite & offsite white-hat SEO techniques, including content building, keyword research, meta-data, backlinks, site-structure, and more to beat out competition and get you ranked higher, quicker.

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Pay Per Click

Imagine putting up a billboard and only paying when people actually walked into your store. Wouldn’t that be cool? Pay-per-click advertising displays ads to the people most likely to be interested, and you only pay when they visit your site.

Grue & Bleen can focus, create, and optimize those campaigns for you whether you need search based marketing or affiliate page display ads. Building the right campaigns with proper demographics allows you to invest your advertising dollars with complete confidence that your message is making it to the right people, and only the right people.

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Social Media

Social Media offers an open forum where you and your consumers can get to know each other better: a place to share content, build your brand’s personality, and ultimately, stay relevant for very little cost.

We help you understand what to post on social media, when & where to post it, and how to keep your audience entertained while driving them to take action on your website. Whether that’s as simple as joining a mailing list or making a purchase, we’ll ensure you reach your users in the way that makes sense for your business.

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You know those (slightly annoying) ads that follow you around after you look at a product but decide not to order it yet? ...Yeah, we know what you’re thinking: "I hate those!" But the truth is that they work, and they work well.

We can help your company do the same thing to reach those customers who are in the later stages of the sales funnel. Retargeting is an effective transaction driver in the digital ad space that can directly reach customers who may need a little extra push to buy your product or sign up for your service.

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