Data Analytics

Once you’ve spent the money to drive traffic to your website, you need to know what the visitors are actually doing once they get there. If you spent $20 on an ad campaign, did the ad earn you more than $20? Data will open that up for you so that you are never in the dark about how much money you spend and what you are getting back. We have the tools and knowledge to collect and interpret this data to guide you to the best advertising decisions.
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Click/Form Tracking

Every interaction on a website is trackable. Whether your visitors and leads are downloading a PDF, playing a video, or filling out a form, each of these actions can become data that will tell you how to spend your advertising dollars for the biggest impact and most revenue.

We can customize exactly what data is collected and build you a dashboard so that you can see it and make sense of it all at a glance. When we’re in your corner, you never need to be an expert to make decisions like one.

 If a person walks into your store and buys a thousand dollars’ worth of product, don’t you want to know where that person heard of you and how much money you spent to get them in the door? With e-commerce tracking, you can do just that. We can show you which advertising methods, website referrals, segments, and events lead to the most purchases and revenue.

Grue & Bleen can implement an e-commerce tracking system to track where every penny came from and tell you what advertising is making you the most money.

User Flow

How are visitors using your website? Where do they lose interest, and how do they interact with all the bells and whistles? Websites should be a funnel to sales. Understanding your user flow is the difference between a visitor sticking around on your site until they buy, or getting frustrated and leaving to check Facebook.  

Grue & Bleen helps you understand where the drop off points are so that we can eliminate them and turn more visitors into buyers.


Whether you are working with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Analytics, Salesforce, or Hubspot, Grue & Bleen can help you customize a set-up that is unique to you so that you are always getting the most revenue out of your data.

Grue & Bleen will show you opportunities, patterns and potential growth within your business that you didn’t even know you had using the power of data to drive decision-making.

Call Tracking

Consumer phone calls are very good for business because they minimize miscommunication, stress, and the time-consuming back and forth of email. Historically, however, phone calls were very difficult to track—until now.

Grue & Bleen will set up and implement call tracking on your site so that you know exactly who is calling you, where they came from, and how they originally found you.

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