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Business Development Overview

You know your business well, which also means that you know how hard it is to adapt to all the inevitable changes. It’s very easy to get locked into what has worked and “will always work,” but unfortunately the technology is always changing, which means your messaging and the outlets through which you need to advertise are changing too.

We at Grue & Bleen not only thrive in the constantly changing marketing universe, but help your business adapt and change with it as well. Let us advise, strategize, and guide you to help your business continue to develop in this strange new world.

Digital Marketing Audit

Do you know how your website and digital marketing stacks up against your competition? How fast is your website? How’s the user experience? How does Google view it? Those are questions that are important to understand before you take on any changes or start any new marketing efforts.

Our digital marketing audit will take a comprehensive look at where you are now so that you have a clear picture of what your digital marketplace looks like and what you need to do to improve your spot in it.

Brand Identity

Your brand is your business’ personality. Its overall strength and clarity determines who sticks around, who rewards you with their business, and who ignores you as just more noise in a crowded market.

Whether you have a fully developed brand that needs refreshing or you haven’t yet found your voice, Grue & Bleen can help you reimagine your business with fresh, creative and functional design. We’ll work together to build/refine your image in a way that suits you best, from both a personal and creative perspective.

Business Consultation

After working in your field for some time, it can be hard to maintain the view of an outsider and see things the way your customers do. It’s not your fault, you’re just used to the usual and you know more than the average user! From time to time though, it’s healthy to reassess and refresh your perspective.

With plenty of experience in split testing strategies, sales funnels, and ROIs, Grue & Bleen can provide a fresh set of eyes to keep you competitive. We’ll review your pricing tactics to ensure that you’re optimized for both lead conversions and sales.

Project Management

When starting out on a large project, it’s important to put your best foot forward. This means getting organized, communicating effectively, looking at both the big and small picture, and most importantly, staying on track. It’s easy to get lost on a tangent, which can mean more money spent and more problems.

Grue & Bleen will help you visualize the grander picture of your project so you feel comfortable and assured that it is achievable. Approach your end goal with total confidence and let’s make something incredible, smoothly and easily.

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