Brand Development

Your brand is your business’s personality. It determines who sticks around, who rewards you with their business, and who ignores you as just more noise in a crowded market. Whether you have a fully developed brand that needs refreshing or you haven’t yet found your voice, Grue & Bleen can help you reimagine your business with fresh, creative and functional design.
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Logo Design

Your logo is your core design, and every other piece of marketing gets built outward from this central piece. It establishes your fonts, your colors, and your mood, and it’s often the one thing a customer will recognize even if they can’t remember your businesses’ name. That’s why it’s so important to get it right the first time. Grue & Bleen can help you imagine or reimagine your logo and build the perfect version of your company in a picture.

Once you have your own look, you need to be consistent with your marketing material. Every single correspondence and interaction with your customers and potential customers should look recognizably as though it came from you. Brand consistency promotes loyalty and builds a connection between you and your audience that translates into recurring sales.

Grue & Bleen develops your brand identity through all of your marketing materials and streamlines consistency throughout every single platform you use. Whether you’re reaching your customers online or sending something to them in the mail, we’ll craft you something that’s engaging to look at, ties in to your analytics, and has the same look and feel that your customers have come to recognize.

Survey Reporting

A lot of data can be captured through your website, but sometimes you’ll need off-site information to make decisions. That’s where surveys come in. There’s no better data than what your audience is carrying around in their own heads, and the most successful companies have learned how to tap into their customers’ needs, wants, biases, fears, and preferences.

We’ll walk you through it to find out what data you’re really after and design you a survey that you can send out through your mailing lists and social media to get the answers you need. We’ll then analyze the responses for you, highlight key information, and organize it so that your decision making process is as easy and clear as possible.

Corporate Identity

People don’t buy with their heads, they buy with their hearts and with their gut. The way your company makes potential customers feel can determine whether your sales skyrocket or you close your doors.

We dig deep and uncover what’s at the heart of your business to put a plan into action and present a corporate face to the public that is authentic and meaningful. Everything we build you is filtered through this identity to create a unified and consistent message across all media, and build customer trust.

Need a stronger brand?