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Startup Perks Package

PPC Ad Campaign (Search or Social)

Before you can gain a new customer, they have to know you exist. Through search engine or social media marketing, you can help them find you more easily.

Take advantage of powerful targeting platforms that give your company a better shot at being seen by the right people: those who want what you have to offer.

Custom Design Landing Page

Once you've advertised to your target audience, you'll want to make sure they follow through. Landing Pages are designed to do one thing: convert interested leads into paying customers.

Ensure your advertising efforts are sending the right message to potential customers with a landing page that builds trust and creates a sense of urgency to act today.

Google Analytics Implementation

The best business decisions are backed up by data. Monitor the effectiveness of your ad campaign and landing page activity in real time with Analytics.

After implementation, you can go beyond the landing page to track virtually any activity on your website to discover your best path forward.

I started my company two years ago, and in a moment of great need, was introduced to Grue & Bleen. They quickly rolled up their sleeves and helped me boost my online presence and strategically build my newsletter, social media following, and Google ranking. They really act like they are your partners in every way. 
- Maytal Gilboa Founder & CEO

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