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How the G&B Process Works

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Each and every day you make choices to move your business forward, but we'll show you the impact so you can make better decisions.

When making choices, don’t act blindly.

We shine a light on everything you need to know, enabling you to take action in a way that works for you, one step at a time.

Step 1: Diagnose| Are you set up properly?

Video Analytics Opportunity Audits

We highlight what to address to make sure you have a healthy foundation to provide good data, the backbone of any company in the digital world. You gain an understanding of your ability to make decisions and what could be holding you back, with step by step instructions to fix it.

Step 2: Clean | What do you need to know?

Strategic Analytics Implementations

We work with you to identify the key drivers of success and make it simple for you to see what’s going on, from start to finish. You get access to clear and concise visual tools that allow you to gauge success and make the best decisions possible within your current setup.

Step 3: Analyze | What can you do?

Data Review and Digital Strategies

We break down the trends, successes, and challenges you experience over time to come up with suggestions to move you forward. You get a fresh perspective from an outside party and recommendations for change based solely on true data, not guesswork.

Step 4: Plan | What Steps Can You Take?

Detailed Roadmaps for Success

We provide a fully fleshed out, step-by-step roadmap to build a custom solution, including all of the elements needed to go from start to finish. You get a technical plan on how specifically to achieve your goals based on business needs and insight gained from the data.

Step 5: Build...The answer to your questions

A System Built Around You

Whether it’s a website, marketing plan, or analytics strategy, we work hand in hand every step of the way to build out a fully customized system for your business. By the end, you have a new tool and are in a position to understand exactly how it is impacting your success.

Step 6: Maintain| How do you keep it strong?

Peace of Mind with Ongoing Support

We continue to monitor your system, identifying crucial technical updates to be made and strategize new paths to continue growing based on the data. You end up with a full support team to help with all of your digital needs.

Let’s have some fun making you successful!

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Our Digital Services

There's a bunch of areas where we can help in the digital space.

Digital marketing 
With millions of potential online customers just a touch away, are you using the right strategies to reach them? We can help you find them with intelligent advertising to targeted audiences all backed by digital insights.
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Digital Marketing
Websites have evolved into powerful tools that can be much more than simply informational pages. With digital analytics and tagging, we help you track your website's activity, allowing you to make informed decisions in your marketing efforts.
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Website/App Design
 Do you want a beautiful new website? Or maybe a powerful app? Great! Let's create something together that makes your brand kick some (touchscreen) glass! Whatever the platform, our designers are devoted to making your digital storefront shine.
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Website/App Design
Media Production
Ever heard of the expression, "Content is King?" That's right, content rules the web. Whether it's a video that makes you laugh or a song that makes you dance, media makes you feel something. Impress your customers by creating something uniquely you.
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Media Production
Business Development
Business development
Balancing a business is hard. From dealing with the day to day, to fine-tuning the sales process, to staying true to your business goals, things can quickly spiral out of control. Let us help you stay on track by giving you the resources to succeed.
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Event Marketing
Going to an event is fun, but anyone who has been involved in throwing one knows it can be hectic. Who is going to help with the marketing, social, flyers, copy, ticketing, and event page? Let us be your digital event planners so you can, you know, have fun
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Event Marketing
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