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How Our
Digital S.P.A.C.E. Approach Works

5 Steps to Get You Where You Want to Go

Each and every day you make choices to move your business forward, but are they effective choices? Are you positive that the investments that you are making are actually paying off?

When making digital choices, don’t act blindly.

Use data-crafted marketing tactics and powerful UX design to push your online business forward. Through our 5 step process, build a lasting system that will change your guesses into powerful decisions.

Survey | Are you set up properly?

Video Analytics Opportunity Audits

It all starts with an assessment of your website’s digital strengths and weaknesses: The Comprehensive Opportunity Rating Evaluation (CORE).

We highlight what to address to make sure you have a healthy foundation to provide good data, the backbone of any company in the digital world. You gain an understanding about the state of your SEO, digital marketing, & analytics, with step by step instructions to fix them.

get your CORE score

Prepare | How can I make better choices?

Detailed Roadmaps for Success

We provide a fully-optimized Google Analytics solution to help you understand your data better. You get a Google Data Studio dashboard that provides advanced metrics, giving you a deeper understanding of your website & digital marketing efforts.

Analyze | What can Grue & Bleen provide?

Data Review and Digital Strategies Report

We break down the trends, successes, and challenges you experience over time to come up with suggestions to move you forward. You get a fresh perspective from an outside party and recommendations for change based solely on true data, not guesswork.

Create | How can I use this information?

A System Built Around You

Whether it’s a website, marketing plan, or SEO campaign, we work hand in hand every step of the way to build out a fully customized system for your business. By the end, you have new tools & are in a position to understand exactly how they are impacting your success.

Evolve | How do I keep up with the changing times?

Fresh adaptation techniques with ongoing support

We know that in the modern digital marketing world, the times they are a changing...constantly. To stay up to date, we consistently build upon your new successful platform and pivot when necessary. Stay ahead of the competition and grow your brand with our adaptation techniques. Make a lasting, evolving impact.

Our Digital Services

There's a bunch of areas where we can help in the digital space.

Website Design
 A website isn’t just code, and it can’t be an afterthought. It’s your third arm, your voice, your heart, and your soul. It’s you in digital form, and it’s the first impression you get to try and win customers. Wow them with you.
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A website that's
Digital marketing 
Find the right people and convince them that clicking that fat old X would be their biggest mistake! You’re better than your competitors, and we’ll show the world. And oh yea, we’ll get your analytics on point to show it all works.
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digital marketing
that WORKS
Content Creation
Stock imagery, tired clichés, and incomprehensible jargon are where it’s at! Said no one ever. You gotta be memorable. Desirable. Approachable. Speak in a way that does you justice and demands engagement.
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rockin' content
that WOWS
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