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We’ve known each other a long time. We’ve been neighbors, brothers, and best friends, and by our count, we’ve got almost a century’s worth of experiences. We all bring different areas of focus and expertise together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

We’re able to provide a higher quality boutique service because each and every client is assigned a dedicated team from first proposal to final edits. That means that work is never passed from department to department or shipped out across the world. What that gets you is a better final product created with a single vision and flawless execution.  

We coordinate ideas, colors, strategies, and absolutely everything in between whether we’re building a 10-word advertisement to a 10-page website. That’s how we always bring you the absolute best product possible.  

Our team is composed of the Designer, the Developer, the Strategist, the Influencer, and the Optimizer. Just like the Power Rangers, but with marketing instead of dinosaurs. We make pretty things, we make those things functional, we translate that functionality into usefulness, and act on that usefulness to achieve business success. We think big picture and we sweat the details. We turn your vision into a live product that you can show off with pride.

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So...What Does "Grue & Bleen" Mean??

“What’s Glue & Breen? Did you mean blue & green?” These are common questions we get when someone first hears our company name. So what actually is Grue & Bleen? Why did we pick such a weird name? Well, we’re glad you asked!

The Grue & Bleen Theory (also known as the New Riddle of Induction) was thought up in 1952 by an American Philosopher named Nelson Goodman. The theory, in layman's terms, states that things that you believe are well-defined based on your past experiences are merely perceived that way at this very moment in time. For any moment of time thereafter (i.e. the future), you can’t prove that these things will continue to be perceived in the same way. No fundamental rule dictates that it will forever be the same; we just expect it.

In his writing, Nelson Goodman used the color blue as an example to explain his philosophy. He stated that the blue we all know and love is only guaranteed to look the way it does at this exact moment, based on what we think it should look like (and how we’ve always known it). At anytime after “right now,” we may see this color as green, and therefore, that object wasn’t ever really blue, but grue, the representative shift of our perception from blue to green. Pretty funky right?

What about the logo?

With our logo we wanted to take two objects that were universally identifiable by their colors and flip how they were perceived. We opted for a green leaf and blue water droplet, then fused them together with the opposite colors of what you’d expect. 

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How does that apply to what we do?

Yeah, the theory is cool and all, but how does it apply to us? Well, marketing today is different than it was 20 years ago. No one could have fathomed the immense change that computers would usher in through the digital marketing world. Your website is now your store and everything on it is trackable. You can follow people around from their computer to their phone with digital advertisements. That is a world apart from marketing in the 90s.

As marketing platforms and capabilities shift, they are bound to evolve beyond our perception of what marketing “is.” We aim to see what it could be and to see the importance of accepting the inevitable change and adapting. We at Grue & Bleen firmly believe in being open and ready for any change in perception. We will be your eyes and ears to all of them, guiding your decisions as we see the market shifting, because hey...change is good.

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